Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long will it take to receive my order

A: We will process your order as soon as we receive it. However, please remember the bespoke nature of the services we offer. Tracing an individual can be a complex process and take anywhere from 1 to 30 days to complete.


Q: Confidentiality?

A: You become our confidential client. We will not release your details to anybody during the process of tracing an individual unless we have your express consent and it is necessary to confirm certain trace details - i.e. tracing a family member. However, in most instances, the process remains totally confidential - i.e a debtor or tenant trace - the subject will not be aware they are being traced.


Q: Data Protection & Privacy?

A: Please refer to our policies published on our website.


Q: Expertise?

A: We are trusted by some of the UK's major organisations and institutions for their tracing requirements. As such, you can be assured we will maintain the utmost level of professionalism, integrity and ethics.


Q: Accreditation & compliance?

A: We hold ISO27001 & ISO9001. We are members of the Credit Services Association. We interim authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Q: Employees?

A: We employ almost 200 people. We undertake exacting standards of training and quality. All of our employees have to meet these standards. We employ full time Training and Compliance staff in addition to our front line operatives.

Q: I want to access the searchable edited electoral roll directly but I can't see how to purchase.

A: That's easy, go back to LocateGB homepage and click on one of the subscription links. This shopping cart is for our extended services. Purchasing LocateGB or Tracegenie access is easy - you'll be searching within a few clicks.

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