About our Company

Formed in 1999 as a Tracing Investigations Company, Firstlocate (1st Locate UK Limited) has grown significantly and  developed a range of services that now provide innovative outsourcing solutions to major clients in the Utility, Telecoms & Insurance sectors. Firstlocate now directly employs almost 200 people, operating from four office sites around the UK.  However, our original services built around tracing people remain and we still offer these to the general public and businesses of all sizes via our websites and call centres.

Our services are built around our innovative IT platform -  Actius. This enables us to reside customer account and billing information within a platform designed to manage customers in an efficient & comprehensive manner. From Customer account opening through to regular statementing, billing, tariff management, payment processing, dynamic pricing and revenue management. Our systems, people and processes provide a unique way of migrating existing or new client customer portfolio to an environment where change can be quickly implemented and managed. Firstlocate systems are able to house industry specific account management criteria -  whether this be new insurance products, gas, electric or telecomms tariffs. This enables our clients to move into new markets far sooner than their existing systems might permit. Of course, from your customer's perspective, they are dealing with our client as most activities are conducted within the client branding. Operating 4 call centres and the latest telephony technology enables us to acquire all apsects of a customer contact operation. Other support services such as print and fulfiment places us in a position to operate as a standalone extention of a client's existing or new customer management operations. Firstlocate undertake many complex tasks for our clients all of which require detailed product and service knowledge regarding all of our clients, their products and tariffs. With excellent capacity and the ability to provide operational solutions that can meet our clients short or long term needs, or indeed unexpected immediate needs, Whatever your customer contact requirements, we will be able to offer a solution that meets or exceeds all of your expectations.

We maintain inhouse developed billing & customer processing systems specifically designed to house and administer the following customer sectors and products:

Gas -



General Insurance products

Mobile telephony

In each area, we are able to accept new customer business, process the transaction and reside the information within our inhouse developed actius system. Ongoing customer management including statementing, billing, fulfilment, maintenance, renewals & marketing are all accomodated within actius specifically across the Utilty, Mobile telephony and Insurance sectors. Actius & our processing abilities are also suitable for other high volume multi transaction disciplines.