UNREGISTERED - land or property search

This product is a full search for the current owners of property or land that is possibly unregistered with HM Land Registry, disused or derelict. Our search takes between 4 - 8 weeks (most cases completed within 4-6 weeks) to conclude but will establish current ownership and provide a current contact address for the owners. In England and Wales, you may have already tried a Land Registry search that has produced a result stating that the land or property is unregistered. In Scotland, although technically, all land is registered, tracing the current owners can be a complex and time consuming affair. The fee is £150 for a successful search on buildings or physical property. For land only searches, the fee increases to £505. This is because tracing the owner of a piece or plot of unregistered land is an extremely difficult and time consuming process and may require site visits and local enquiries, even more so than resolving a case where a building is involved If you need the search completing quicker, you can opt for a fast track service which will result in a Researcher aiming to conclude the search within 7-21 days. If we are successful during this period then a £55 surcharge is payable. If the case takes longer to solve then the surcharge does not apply. Of course, the fast track facility is optional and you will be given the opportunity to select this during the ordering process. Our researchers will undertake a comprehensive search and place you in contact with the current owners. The full fee is only payable in the event we are successful. Should we be unsuccessful, the fee is reduced to £25. Find the owner of UNREGISTERED land or property including derelict/disused
Price: £150.00


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